Early Care & Education Services


Early Care & Education Services

Early Care and Education Services (ECES) manages all 4Cs subsidized child care programs funded by the State Department of Education. There are two main types of programs – Centers and Alternative Payment. In order to enroll in a child care program, families must meet eligibility requirements. The Early Care and Education Services (ECES) provide free or low cost programs and services for low income families with financial assistance for child care and preschool costs.

Child Development Centers

4Cs offers services to children from eighteen months to five years at specific child care center the family selects from the child development programs 4Cs operates throughout Sonoma County. The 4Cs centers offer income eligible families a safe and caring, developmentally appropriate environment for their children, in both full and part-day programs.

Parental Choice Alternative Payment Program

4Cs Parental Choice Alternative Payment Program (APP) or Voucher Program (VP) is available for income eligible families and those referred by Child Protective Services or CalWORKs programs with a specific need for child care. This allows the parents to choose a child care provider who best meets the needs of their family and to monitor the quality of care provided. Children can move from one child care program to another and still receive financial assistance as long as the family continues to meet the eligibility and need requirements.

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