AP Providers

AP Providers

AP Providers
Parental Choice Alternative Payment Program

Child care providers in the 4Cs Parental Choice Alternative Payment Program (Voucher Program) are independent contractors (not employees of 4Cs).

All parents and providers must be enrolled at 4Cs before care can be paid.

Monthly attendance sheets must be filled out daily with exact times in and out by the parent or the parent’s authorized representative or the provider, checked by both parties and signed before being mailed to 4Cs. An incomplete attendance sheet may delay payment or result in days not being paid by 4Cs.

How can I become a Voucher Program child care provider?

Since the Voucher Programs are parent choice programs, an enrolled parent must choose you to be his/her provider. You must complete an enrollment process to be paid for care. For information on becoming a licenced child care provider, click here

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